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Sponsor a student

How does the Program Work?


Starting from 2015, every year the best students of the secondary school are granted a scholarship to attend high school and eventually university, that they keep having good results. Besides the school costs (enrolment, books, etc.) the scholarships cover transport, board, food and accommodation costs.

The program is coordinated locally by the secondary school director, who reports regularly on the progress of the students. In addition, these students can become part of their village’s education and sustainable development programs. They are offered opportunities to participate in other projects (e.g. médiathèque, school maintenance, support to local companies, etc.) in order to get professional experience and to support the younger kids’ education.


Why sponsor a student?


We consider education a fundamental investment for the local kids, their families and the local community. We believe this is the only way to make local development sustainable. We want the children to attend not only high school but also university. As the school system is similar to the French one, the last 3 years of high school have to be done in a separate school establishment on a different island and the university in the main island. Due to the increasing number of students, we need an increasing amount of resources every year.

Do you want to sponsor a student?

With only 38€ per month (tax deductible*) you can give one kid the chance to keep studying and make them very happy.

As a sponsor, you will get regular reports with the kid's school results, pictures and letters. If you decide to sponsor a child, inform us by email about your participation and create a direct debit of €35/month.

* Subject to the different countries law

Rise & Shine Scholarship Contact Form

Thanks for contacting us! Our Team will answer you as soon as possible!

Support a Student
Rise&Shine Scolarship Contact Form

Support a project



Sponsoring a student is very helpful but we also have over projects that need budget.


We invite you to check out our projects (below) in order to learn more about them. 

If you want to support these projects, you can make a single donation on our bank account.


Give a little, help a lot!


chlea teaching.JPG

Education is a lifelong process

Every year we support basic education for 400 kids, scholarships for high-school and university and alphabetization classes for adults.


Only a healthy population can develop itself

We guarantee assistance in emergencies and promote the construction of private toilets and we have opened two maternity centers.


Empowering the people to build their future

By promoting local initiatives and knowledge transfer, we contribute to a self-sustained development with a long perspective.

Support a Project

General Donations


Give a little, help a lot!

General Donations

Charity's bank account details:

Name: Sunshine in Nosy Komba

IBAN: NL28 ABNA 0246 5326 37


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