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Sustainable development

Local Business Incubation

A long-term sustainable development requires the establishment of a healthy local economy. This is essential for the adult population to have jobs and improve their economic situation but also for the kids in school to aspire for a possible future in their village. However, for the local population, it was extremely hard to start a business due to the lack of infrastructure and competences in the village, as well as the absence of financial leverage to start a business.

We work continuously with other NGOs to create new competences and give ownership to the local community. This must be achieved by stimulating local initiatives, supporting new ideas and knowledge transfer. Furthermore, specific infrastructures have been created with this purpose.

Here is how we contribute:

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Vocational Training

There is an enormous gap between the education that kids were getting in school and the jobs they could find in the village. Moreover, through a survey conducted by a researcher of the Leibnitz University in 2017, we have realized that most of the kids that were studying in Antintourne (the first generation has just completed secondary school) would leave the village after completing their studies due to the lack of opportunities. This was creating a difficult situation that was penalizing the local companies, the kids and their families.

In 2018, we have started of a vocational training program to bridge what was becoming a gap between two realities. This program offers students the opportunity of having an internship in one of the local companies work. It is a great opportunity for the students graduating from secondary school who do not plan to go to university but wish to learn professional skills.

This program has also proven to be very successful to support the local companies flourishing and to make people with different levels of education work together promoting social cohesion.

Here is how we contribute:

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