A model of self‐sustained development based on democracy and empowerment of the local population, where all the components of a dignifying life are considered.


Education is a lifelong process

Every year we support basic education for 400 kids, scholarships for high-school and university and alphabetization classes for adults.

Only a healthy population can develop itself

We guarantee assistance in emergencies and promote the construction of private toilets and we have opened two maternity centers.

Empowering the people to build their future

By promoting local initiatives and knowledge transfer, we contribute to a self-sustained development with a long perspective.



Coronavirus - Our Actions

Most of the issues related to the current Coronavirus (COVID19) need to be addressed at national and international level. Yet, we want to do our part and together with the local actors we are putting in place several actions to support the local population. We are in constant contact with the local population and further actions may be taken depending on the evolution of the situation in Madagascar and in the region of Nosy Komba.


Get Involved

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We are a small team of volunteers and extra help with our projects, organisation of events and missions is always welcome.


You can start by sharing with us your thoughts and ideas. If you are interested, contact us directly using the botton below


Our volunteers pay their own expenses and there are no administrative costs, every single euro that you donate will be invested in the projects running in Nosy Komba. You can chose the project you wish to support. For example, with 35€ per month you can bring a student up to university.


You can help us creating awareness and increasing the visibility of our activities. 


Follow us on Facebook and YouTube, share our posts and events and tell your friends about us. Invite them to be a part of it as well.

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TRANSPARENCY is one of our main value:


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