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Sunshine in Nosy Komba has a key role in the local education programme of the Nosy Komba village, with several initiative and projects. The École Banana supported by us, works thanks to fantastic local teachers and gives access to education to more than 400 children, from kindergarten to the end of secondary school, that otherwise would have had little chances to access proper education, and it is reaching better and better results each year.

Sunshine in Nosy Komba is also active on the health care and sanitation on the island. In 2020 a total of 12 babies were born in the maternity centre built by the association, and in 2021 there have been already 5 births. In addition, the centre also provides primary medical care to the local population, (this year 1000 consultations), manage a small pharmacy and monitor the Covid-19 cases (so far no cases have been identified in the village), which are crucial actions in the current pandemic situation.

Check our projects below to know which one you would like to contribute to and then contact us.


Education is a lifelong process

Every year we support basic education for 400 kids, scholarships for high-school and university and alphabetization classes for adults.


Only a healthy population can develop itself

We guarantee assistance in emergencies and promote the construction of private toilets and we have opened two maternity centers.


Empowering the people to build their future

By promoting local initiatives and knowledge transfer, we contribute to a self-sustained development with a long perspective.

To become a volunteer is important to know about the policy, the goals, principles, philosophy of the project. Check our association principles here: 

If you have more questions, please contact us and we can also invite you to the general call for new possible volunteers, showing you more about the association and meeting our volunteers.

Volunteer on the field:

  • All volunteers donate their time and money (travel/food/accommodation). 

  • All money collected by the association are for the projects.

We consider a long term plan in Nosy Komba with different projects that last several years and we collaborate with the other association on the island for the benefits of the village. We don't go once, do something and disappear. We go there and observe, understand and talk with the people of the village to make sure what we are proposing fits their way of living and doesn't impose anything. Then we continue monitoring and observing in the years and if something doesn't work we don't push anything, we go back and always discuss them.


This kind of approach is very special and delicate, therefore we don't send volunteers on behalf of the association that don't have a long term commitment and that didn't join the association for at least 1 year. We believe this is very important because despite the good things that we can all bring, we want volunteers to fully understand how we behave there and believe in the association goals. We are observers, we support the village and we work with them. We don't go there to impose anything. When we go there with the teams, we work all day in the village, we don't show off and we try to spend simple amazing days with the people in the village. We are not there to party or visit when we go as volunteers on behalf of the association.


We are always happy to receive new project proposals also, to discuss together if those could be implemented or planned in the future years.


We hope to hear from you.

Sunshine in Nosy Komba Team

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