Sunshine in Nosy Komba Online Festival 2020

For the last 6 years, the Sunshine Festival we celebrate at ESTEC (The Netherlands) every spring has been the most important fundraising event of our organisation, gathering a greater group of motivated people, sponsors and supporters each year and making possible, not only to keep the School in Nosy Komba running, but also to improve it!

École Banana works thanks to 12 fantastic local teachers and gives access to education to more than 400 children, from kindergarten to the end of the secondary school, that otherwise would have had little chances to access a proper education, and it is reaching better and better results each year.


In the last years, this festival has got together hundreds of people, tens of different performances and activities, and has made fundraising a lot of fun for all of us. Unfortunately this year, given the sanitary crisis, it was not possible to organise this event in the usual format so… WE ARE GOING DIGITAL!

All the funds raised through this event will help us supporting the running expenses of the school (with material and personnel) for the next year, guaranteeing that, even in these difficult times, École Banana will keep bringing the best possible education to these kids.

We are pleased to inform you that Let the Sunshine In – Sunshine in Nosy Komba Online Festival will go live on Friday, 22 May and will last for some weeks. To access our weekly planning and read more about the project and different activities click the button below:

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We count on your help to achieve this!

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“Running for Nosy Komba”

Join us on Strava club for our second edition and run 5km for Nosy Komba, wherever you are!

Read more and join the club in the link below

“Escape for Nosy Komba”

"Escape for Nosy Komba" is our very own digital escape room: 

Would you be able to solve all misteries? Use the following button to download the file**

**Please note it is not possible to play the game on streaming and it can only be displayed in Microsofot Power Point (Windows)

Sunday 14th June, 19:00 CET - CLOSING EVENT

We are preparing a lot of surprises to close our very first annual online festival!

Join us and share the joy!


CLOSING EVENT will take place on Sunday 14th June from 19:00 to 20:30h CET via Facebook Live

Monday 8th June, 18:30 CET - “Eco Tips for Nosy Komba”

We are living in a climate emergency. Our lifestyle is clearly accelerating climate change. As consumers, we play a major role in learning how to coexist with nature.

Join us in this workshop and learn how to adopt more environmental-friendly routines!

“Eco Tips for Nosy Komba” workshop will take place on Monday 8th June from 18:30 to 20:00h CET via Zoom.

Thursday 11th June, 20:30 CET - “Quiz for Nosy Komba”

Music, History, Arts, Science, Geography...

Join us for our bilingual online quiz and prove who knows the most!

“Quiz for Nosy Komba” will take place on Thursday 11th June from 20:30 to 22:30h CET via Youtube Live. 

Monday 25th May, 18:00 CET - “Mending Clothes for Nosy Komba”

Mending makes clothes last longer and allows to reduce the overconsumption of natural resources. Taking care of your clothes is an act of love and respect for those who made them and for the planet. 


Are you willing to become a mending activist? Join us for this workshop!

“Mending Clothes for Nosy Komba” workshop will take place on Monday 25th May from 18:00 to 19:30h CET via Zoom.

Tuesday 26th May, 18:00 CET - “Cooking for Nosy Komba”

Whether you are new to cooking or a cooking lover, this workshop is custom-made for you!

Join Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin Chef Patissier Coby Knoop and learn how to prepare a delicious Dark Chocolate Orange Dessert Cake: Lekker!

Don't forget to have all the ingredients and kitchen tools ready for the workshop!! Check the following button:

“Cooking for Nosy Komba” workshop will take place on Tuesday 26th May from 18:00 to 19:30h CET via Zoom. 

Thursday 28th May, 17:30 CET - “Ballet for Nosy Komba”

Why walk when you can dance?

Join amazing International Ballet teacher Nathalie Gaubert for this ALL LEVELS ballet class.

Take more chances, dance more dances!

“Ballet for Nosy Komba” workshop will take place on Thursday 28th May from 17:30 to 19:00h CET via Zoom. 

Friday 29th May, 19:00 CET - “Music for Nosy Komba”

Music is the perfect match for a Friday mood.

Join -sign along, dance and enjoy with- us. 

“Music for Nosy Komba” workshop will take place on Friday 29th May from 19:00 to 21:00h CET via Facebook.

Saturday 30th May, 11:00 CET - “Theatre for Nosy Komba”

Here is an activity for kids of all ages: From 5 to... 500!

Join One Time Stories from Impro Impar Theatre Group, an improvised play for children with live music and illustration.

A 360° experience for the entire family!

“Theatre for Nosy Komba” workshop will take place on Saturday 30th May from 11:00 to 12:30h CET via Zoom. 

Wednesday 3rd June, 19:00 CET - “Yoga for Nosy Komba”

A gentle ALL LEVELS flow yoga class, combined with some breathing and meditation.

Restore your body, restore your mind, and send some love into the world!

“Yoga for Nosy Komba” workshop will take place on Wednesday 3rd June from 19:00 to 20:30h CET via Zoom.

Thursday 4th June, 19:00 CET - “Music for Nosy Komba”

The second part is coming!

After the success of last week, we will be back on Thursday with more live music!

“Music for Nosy Komba” workshop will take place on Thursday 4th June from 19:00 to 21:00h CET via Facebook Live.

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