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Let the Sunshine In – Sunshine in Nosy Komba Online Festival will go live from Thursday, 6th May to Sunday 9th May.

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To access our programme and read more about the project and different activities click the button below:

or check our Facebook page and Instagram page using the following buttons:  

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How can you contribute? If you want to contribute, use one of the following buttons below (one is only for Dutch banks).

All the funds raised through this event will help us support the running expenses of the school (with material and personnel) for the next year, guaranteeing that, even in these difficult times, École Banana will keep bringing the best possible education to more than 400 kids and the medical centre will ensure medical care to the local population of more than 1000 people.

We count on your help to achieve this!

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All Activities 

“Sports activities for Nosy Komba”

Have fun and sweat with us! Even a small effort from your side is a great contribution for the people on the island!


“Stories, quiz, games and experiments”

for Nosy Komba”

Have fun and enjoy stories, quiz, games and experiments with us! Every laugh we are able to make can become a big smile on the faces of people in the village!


“Cooking for Nosy Komba”

Have fun and cook with us! Any small piece of your pie can become the sweetest gift for the people on the island thanks to your contribution!


“Music for Nosy Komba”

Have fun and enjoy the music with us! Every little piece of melody you enjoy can make big noise in the village thanks to your contribution!


“Talk to our volunteers”

Talk to us

Feel free to interact with us! Any idea, feedback and word from your side can help us to improve the association.

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Meet us, listen to the answers given by the volunteers to the questions asked.


Feel free to propose any ideas using the form available!

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